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Are you in repetitive cycles with your relationships, finances,
health, lifework that creates stress, depression, judgment,
condemnation, debt, sickness, and addiction?

Would you choose Love, Respect, Health, Hope, and Peace?

Then, begin your journey to Healing.

The Healing Path is to explore your belief and intention
that creates
your thoughts, words, and actions.

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Core Value Index:

The Core Value Index characterizes and measures the innate, unchanging nature of people, how to optimize your core energy for your greatest contributions to relationships, lifework, health, and finances.

Discover what your core value is with our CVI Assessment. Are you a Builder, Banker, Merchant Innovator or a combination?

A small investment of $35.00 will help you discover your innate energies and receive a 15 minute complimentary consultation.

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What destiny have you created by your choices, actions, and words?

What are the outcomes of your relationships, health, finances, and lifework?

If you chose to change the destiny of any circumstance in your life, what would you choose?

My commitment to you is a safe space and ask honest questions for you to create choices to have Truth and Peace. Choose Life today!

Linda's Credentials

  • Certified Healing and Q Codes Practitioner
  • Young Living Essential Oils, Levels I and II for emotional healing, Rain Drop Therapy Facilitator
  • Chartered Faculty Member of The Hendricks Institute Living University
  • Breathing Center Transformation, The Hendricks Institute
  • Mastery of Conscious Language, Mastery Systems
  • McGrane Self-Esteem Institute:
    Psycholinguistics; Neuro-Linguistic Programming; The Art of Asking Questions
  • Pre-Cognitive Re-Education Facilitator
  • Theophostic Basic and Advanced Ministry
  • Master Communication; Christian Counselor New Hope
  • Dream Coach, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson
  • Minister of World Christianship Ministries
  • The Focusing Institute
  • Choices
  • Teleleader Trainer
  • Certified Coach/Trainer Taylor Protocols Value Added Relationship Program
  • Certified Facilitator Prepare/Enrich
  • Board Certified Holistic Alternative Psychology Master
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Young Living Essential Oils is committed to bringing together ancient wisdom and modern science so that people everywhere may have better health and the ability to protect themselves from the contamination present in our everyday life. Through extensive research and commitment to quality, we hope to improve the destiny of those who are seeking the truth. We are dedicated to growing and distilling the highest quality organic oils in the world that we may contribute to the health, joy, and prosperity of people everywhere.

For a FREE consultation and to purchase Young Living Essential Oils, please contact me. To find out how to best use the oils, click on any of the images below for a larger view or go to 
Young Living Essential Oils for additional information.
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HALO Multiverse Light System
The body is the miracle that initiates the healing process.

The philosophy of biophotonic therapy is a light therapy using a specific frequency of the violet spectrum to carry and deliver the harmonic energies of the botanicals contained within your HALO Systems vials. The main purpose of using this therapy is to introduce the energies into the body. The body will receive and process the information of these botanicals as if they were physically present. The body is the miracle that initiates the healing process.
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