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   What are the contributors to either Entangled or Empowered Relationship?

Conflict or Loyalty

Loss of Productivity or World Class Quality of Work

Blame, Gossip, Condemnation or Stress Resolution Through Understanding the Person

 Interpersonal conflicts or Diversity Conflict Resolution

Clarity and Execution of Mission and Purpose
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Primarily I believe you helped change the culture. I am not sure the owner has totally bought into it, but the workforce has. That is substantial. Additionally, I believe you accomplished the following:
• Introduce a level of trust with management where there was none.
• Set up the structure for a human resource function
• Through 
performance measurement move the company from intuition to factually driven discussions
• Reset the culture and process systems in production leading to an 81% increase in productivity over budget (the budget assumed a 25% increase also)
— John B.
About Linda:
Linda S. Brewer, Destiny Architect, of Bonsai Leadership is a gifted expert change management, focusing on and drilling down through a company's culture to find the truth and determine where the emphasis should be directed by providing consulting and coaching to achieve a higher level of sustainable financial and relational prosperity.

Assessing a company's "pain points" such as negative resistance, conflict, poor communication in execution of accountability and responsibilities of the strategic plan begin the dialog to develop solutions to address health issues, business success, long-term relationships and empowerment of all employees.

My entrepreneurial career has included Business Management, Accounting, Sales and Marketing, and facilitation of Organizational and Personal Growth with over 29 years of Entrepreneurial experience. Founder of LSC, Inc. and Facilitated in the establishment of Crowns Now. Training for Comet Medical Drivers.

Professional Training:
Workplace Mediation Consultant, Meditation Works; Jay Abraham Master Marketing Program; Sandler Sales Training; Clemson University, Arthur M. Spiro Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership Certificate; Certified Coach / Trainer and Member of Taylor Protocols Value Added Relationship Program; Former Chair, Vistage International.