The Inside Voice

The Inside Voice

Posted By: Linda S Brewer Posted In: Blog Date Posted: April 6th, 2012

A friend of mine has a beautiful 4 year old daughter.  Often this young lady will speak loudly inside and her mother will request her “use your inside voice, please”.  Every time, I hear her share this with her daughter, I think what does my “inside voice” say to me. Is my inner voice screaming – judgment, am I blaming myself about the past, fearing the future, make excuses about my behavior or outcomes, procrastinating about the future?   I stand in awe of my friend consistently encouragement to her daughter of how she can do anything.  She is teaching her to keep her commitments, she makes agreements with her then holds her accountable, and she laughs and plays with her.  They have an amazing relationship.

As I was listening to my inner voice this morning and thinking “Gee I am weary of the circumstances of my life”, it would be great to go to work draw a check come home.  Then the thought came- who would I desire for my CEO.  WOW then the big one came stop your complaining you have one CEO –“Christ Essential One”.

Who do you believe is the CEO who is the director of  your journey?  Is it Mr. /Mrs. Blame, Excuses, Procrastination?  When you visit your internal “Board Room”, what is your voice saying?  Does it create an entanglement or are you empowered?

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Follow the Evidence

Posted By: Linda S Brewer Posted In: Blog Date Posted: April 4th, 2012

Forensic is a word that we hear often on our popular TV shows CSI Miami, NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, “Follow the evidence is the rule”.  US News and World Report calls forensic accounting one of the “20 hot job tracks of the future.  A 2009 survey where 126 attorneys, 603 CPAs and 50 accounting/auditing professors responded to the essential traits and characteristics that forensic accountants should possess, 60% or more of the attorneys ranked the essential traits as:

                                                 being analytical
                                                 detailed oriented

As a Leader of your own life, a leader of your company, a leader of others, become consciously aware and commit to “follow the evidence”.   Your “evidence” is in the thoughts that you think, the words you speak, and the actions you take that create the now and the destiny that you are creating.  What are your three top stresses?

Commit to understand the evidence others give you in the language they use, the sicknesses they have, the issues in relationships, finances, and time management.   Listen (analyze), ask questions with the intent to gather information (detailed), honor your differences, and agree on choices for the prosperity of all (ethical).  Be a Forensic Leader!

What do you do next?

Posted By: Linda S Brewer Posted In: Blog Date Posted: April 2nd, 2012

On TV Blue Blood Series Friday March 3rd, Nicole Reagan-Boyle (portrayed by Sami Gayle) felt like she had let a friend down when she did not support her in an embarrassing moment in the school cafeteria.  After school,  Nicole was condemning herself for not having the behavior she believed a Reagan would have when a friend needed her.  Her Uncle Jamie (portrayed by Will Estes) came into the room where Nicole was sitting and asked her what was she was doing.  In the course of the conversation of sharing her reaction to her friend’s situation, she asks Uncle Jamie about her “Reagan behavior”.  Uncle Jamie responded that we all make mistake and what his father had shared with him was “What do you do next”?

After you have had similar experience in your life, “What is your moral compass?” “What is your ethical conduct?” that creates your choice of action for “What do you do next?”

How do you decide who gets your vote?

Posted By: Linda S Brewer Posted In: Blog Date Posted: March 29th, 2012

I was intrigued by an article that was in our local newspaper having your vote count for an individual not a party. I wondered who would I recommend—I am still wondering. Who would you recommend?

My belief is that there needs to be a College for one who desires to become the President of The United States, US Senators, US Congress Representative, Governors, and those who served at the State Legislature Levels. At the end of course, they would be tested on their ability and their knowledge to lead, encourage, inspire and accomplish what is the best for our great nation and the people now and in the future.

If you could only choose the person what criteria would you use? How would you become to know them to choose the Best Leader for all the people?

Discovery The Heart of The Matter cont…

Posted By: Linda S Brewer Posted In: Blog Date Posted: March 22nd, 2012

What destiny are you creating with your words?  Our words come from our belief system that we begin to create at the time of conception.  Our belief system is based upon the choices that we make about:               

Do I Belong (am I safe, am I loved /honored)?

Am I Worthy (to belong in my environment, with my family, friends, associates, to be in certain social circles)?    

Am I Competent  (do I measure up to other’s expectations, what are the repetitive thoughts that I think about myself?

From our belief system, we have a thought, the thought create words, words create actions, actions create habits, habits creates our character, our character our destiny?  If you transformed your beliefs to choose to live in courage and truth to know you
                                          Belong – Worthy –Competent,
how would your life begin to change one thought, one word, one action at the time?  What is your destiny if you don’t?  Choose Truth and Live Your Prosperous Destiny!



Discovery The Heart of The Matter cont… Bullying

Posted By: Linda S Brewer Posted In: Blog Date Posted: March 20th, 2012

Bullying” is the word currently being used in the work place and in schools to describe the behavior of wounded people.  The “Bullier” and the “Bullied” are each wounded.   Each searching for the place where they “believe” they belong.

Today commit to yourself to become consciously aware when you “bully” yourself with your thoughts, words, and actions?
As you live your life today at home, work, or socially:

                      What is your first thought?
                       What is your first feeling?
                       What image(s) do you have? 

When you think of “bullying” yourself …

Do you go to the past?  This is condemnation.   Do you go to the future?  This is fear.  Practice staying present where you are, honor yourself and honor the difference of those in your surroundings.  You have an unchangeable inherited right 
                                                                To Belong – You are Worthy- You are Competent

Peyton Manning, NFL great quarterback, shared he desired to be coached.  Choose your coaches wisely.


Discover The Heart of the Matter

Posted By: Linda S Brewer Posted In: Blog Date Posted: February 21st, 2012

The three unchangeable, undeniable core needs of every human being are:

To Belong – To Be Worthy (honor/loved) – To be Competent.

Joel Osteen, Pastor of Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas always begins his messages with a joke.  Sunday, 2.20.2012, he shared about a man who sat down by this beautiful lady on an airplane.  The man asked the lady “What kind of men do you like”?  She replied, I like Native Americans with their high cheek bones and golden skin, Jewish men they are brilliant and southern men with their long southern drawl.  She asked “what is your name?”  He replied Geronimo Bernstein and all of my friends call me “Bubba”.

What is the “price” you pay “To Belong – To Be Worthy-To Be competent”?